Presentation of the LIFE-meaning project

The L.I.F.E. project (Look Inside & Further Explore) is a study started by a young engineering graduate who wishes to better know himself as a man. It aims at discovering the diversity of the visions of life and death throughout the world and at understanding how those representations have been built by each person but also at the scale of the community. Therefore, the project will go to meet people from different cultures.

Two main topics are leading the study. It will focus on how each person is representing himself general concepts (the life, the time, the human species, the religion, the job…) and on how those representations are affecting daily life.

Death is a biological phenomenon affecting all living organisms without any difference. However, we are comprehending it in a different manner depending on our cultural background but also on our own life experience. One sees a sudden stop in existence, while others see a common step of the life or even a form of continuity. What does this moment represent for each of us ? What are the behaviours and emotions associated ?

The meaning of life is an existential question which everyone tries to answer in its own way. How this puzzling subject is affecting our daily life ? Instead of looking for a universal meaning, the goal is to understand the representation that each person has of himself within its community, but also within Humanity.

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